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FrostWatch – automated remote frost alarm monitor

Is a temperature alarm that operates an audible buzzer, and relay outputs when the temperature falls (or rises) to the alarm point set (for frost or sunburn). The FrostWatch can be calibrated to any length of cable up to 300m.

Supplied with either 12VDC battery clips or 230VAC mains plug pack (NZ & Australia only).

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Price (Ex. GST)
FW-BNLFrostWatch - 12VDC Clip-leads$675.00Login to purchase

FW-BNMFrostWatch - Mains plug-pack$675.00Login to purchase

Product Description

FrostWatch FrostWatch Cellular

User Programmable

Yes Yes

Temperature Inputs (wired)

2 2

Frost & Sunburn control loops

Yes Yes

Configurable Output Relays

2 2

Frost and Sunburn control *1

Yes Yes

Automatic pump prime and start function

Yes Yes

15m temperature probe provided

Yes Yes

Additional Relay Outputs


Multiple phone and txt numbers


Remote interrogation via TXT message


TXT control of outputs (password protected)


Location ID for multi unit sites


Supplied with prepay connection

NZ & Australia only *2

Cellular connections


*1 Sunburn control based on atmospheric temperature measurements.
*2 Easy for user to fit country specific SIM card by removing 4 screws.

1x Temperature Probe

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 12 cm
Power Source

12VDC Clip-leads , Mains plug-pack , Solar Powered – Includes 10WSOL


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