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Apply frost control measures only where needed.

SmartLiteTM is a portable, low cost, reliable monitor that measures atmospheric temperature, sending out a highly visible warning light (beacon) as the temperature approaches freezing point. The colour of the light changes to indicate the surrounding temperature.

Made from high quality UV durable plastic SmartLite is designed for harsh environmental conditions.

Available in 2 versions for different temperature conditions.

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Product Description

Function Indicators
Low Battery                     Red-White-Green Flash
Faulty Sensor                  Fast Red Flash
Calibration Error              Fast White Flash
Good Health Check         Green flash when above 3ºC, confirms correct operation and location.


  • High output LED’s for long range visibility and extended battery life.
  • 4 defined temperature ranges.
  • Auto Power Off above 3°C maximizes battery life.
  • Good Health Check to easily locate SmartLites at the end of the frost season.
  • Mounting options :
    • Hang as a lantern.
    • Secure from a post or upright using the fixing bracket supplied.
    • Rest on a flat surface.
  • Hook supplied to attach SmartLiteTM sensor probe in required measuring zone.
  • Mounting stake supplied to easily secure SmartLiteTM to a post.
  • Tough Injection molded case.
  • Water-resistant design (Rain proof).
  • Uses low cost battery for economic operation (one standard 6V battery will generally last a season).
  • Probe length, 1.9m
  • 12 month warranty.

Temperature - CelsiusTemperature - Fahrenheit
SmartLiteTM STD SmartLiteTM EX SmartLiteTM Boundary Light Light Color
< -1ºC < -2ºC Red Flash
-1º to 0ºC -2º to  -1ºC Red Constant
0º to +1ºC -1º to   0ºC White Constant
+1º to +3ºC 0º to +1ºC Green Constant
< 3ºC Orange Slow Flash
SmartLiteTM STD SmartLiteTM EX SmartLiteTM Boundary Light Light Color
< 30ºF < 28ºF Red Flash
30º to 32ºF 28º to  30ºF Red Constant
32º to 34ºF 30º to   32ºF White Constant
34º to 37ºF 32º to 34ºF Green Constant
< 37ºF Orange Slow Flash


Additional Information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 9.5 x 10.2 x 15.2 cm

STD , EX , Boundary Light


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