Willowbank Electronics Ltd (WEL) specializes in horticultural product development and industrial, distribution and after sales support and service. Located and operated in New Zealand.

Products include:

  • WEL Automatic Fruit Penetrometer (Zespri approved)
  • Temperature monitoring equipment including FrostWatch and SmartLite™
  • 2 Wire Irrigation Controllers.
  • Soil moisture measuring instruments.
  • Horticultural laboratory equipment.

Design services and skills include:

  • Radio telemetry and remote sensing.
  • Horticultural equipment.
  • Third party electronic product design.
  • Software, embedded microprocessor applications, PC and Smart phone applications.

Services for our New Zealand customers include:

Horticultural electronic equipment repair / calibration of :

  • Temperature Measuring Equipment
  • Spray Rate Controllers.
  • Fruit Penetrometers.
  • Refractometers.
  • pH meters.
  • Frost Fan Controllers
  • Irrigation Controllers
  • Soil Moisture Meters and Sensors.

Industrial Repair Services:

  • Welders.
  • CNC Machinery.
  • Automotive Test Equipment.
  • Brake Tester Calibration and Certification.

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